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Agenda of the 16th SIG meeting and the 11th FRBR -CIDOC CRM Harmonization meeting

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18th CIDOC SIG meeting and the 13th FRBR -CIDOC CRM Harmonization meeting

Meeting Date:

6 -7 November 2008

Meeting Place:


Meeting Site:

Imperial College, e-Science Centre

Organized By:

Dolores Iorizzo



Thursday 6th of November

9.30 – 11: 00
  1. Review the paragraph in the introduction about work in FRBRER and about work in FRBROO(comment by Cato from Cataloguing Committee Swedish Library Association  on 16. April 2008)
  2. Review CEO comment about terminology of the word “item” in F2, F3, F4. (Gordon Dunsire’s first comment)
  3. Review the scope note of F6
  4. Check the use of quote marks in the text of FRBRoo ver 1.0
  5. To provide a key example about the use of FRBR (from Anders Cato text)
  6. Check the descriptions of figures in the first section  of FRBRoo text
  7. Review the explanation about quantifications in FRBRoo
  8. Check the property hierarchy in FRBR
  9. Check the change of  the classification body Corporate body isA E74


Coffee break


Final text for compatibility


Lunch Break


  1. Review the example for curation activity
  2. Vote for the   example for P5 
  3. Discuss the issue about P147 isA P12?
  4. Discuss the issue about P107 is a deduction of Joining and leaving
  5. Review the scope note of E55 Type and the text for types.
  6. Discuss about the  recommendation about Primitive types and xml xsd data types


Coffee break


Final text of CRM amendments


Friday 7th of November

  1. Discuss about the short document for archive community
  2. Discuss about the extensions to CRM and how to organize  them
  3. Ontology and data structures
  4. Use of cardinality constraints and use cases
  5. Co reference and CRM
  6. Transformation software (museumdat-> RDFS CRM/OWL)


Coffee break


Discussion about

  1. How to organize ancillary documents
  2. Name space
  3. Licenses


Lunch Break


Presentation by Leif Isaksen
Presentation by Marco Neuman
Presentation by Douglaw Tudhope, University of Glamorgan
Presentation by Gregory Crane (tbc)


Coffee break


CRM Tutorial



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