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    All members of CIDOC and the CIDOC CRM Special Interest Group are encouraged to initiate collaborations using the CRM and to announce such activities on this site. Here a list of collaborations made known to us:

    CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model (CRM) Extension for SPECTRUM

    The Collection Trust and the CIDOC (Documentation Committee of the International Council for Museums) CRM Special Interest Group have agreed plans to create an extension of the CIDOC CRM for SPECTRUM collection management procedures and formally align SPECTRUM’s ‘units of information’... read more

    Date of Announcement: February 2015

    Delos Network of Excellence on Digital Libraries

    The DELOS Network of Excellence on Digital Libraries supports the harmonization activity of FRBR with the CIDOC CRM.

    FRBR: Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records

    The FRBR model, which is designed for bibliographic records, can be mapped to the CIDOC CRM. Patrick Le Boeuf, chair of the FRBR WG has already provided such a mapping in his paper: The brooch, the bug and the book: a comparison of the activity of "description" in fine arts museums, natural history museums, and libraries; together with a mappingfrom FRBR to CRM.

    Harmony + CIMI Collaboration: Interoperability and metadata vocabularies:

    In the framework of the Harmony + CIMI Collaboration: Interoperability and metadata vocabularies, the extended CIDOC CRM has been base for data transfer experiments from museum data of 4 organisations to the CIDOC CRM (National Museum of Denmark, AMOL, RLG, The John Clayton Herbarium). ICS-FORTH is assisting Harmony in this collaboration with respect to the use of the CIDOC CRM: This work implied the definition a simple data transport DTD for CIDOC CRM instances and a simple XSL presentation form which renders CIDOC CRM instances fairly readable, and data transformations between the different data structures.

    Working Group on Ontology Harmonization:

    The DELOS Network of Excellence has initiated a Working Group on Ontology Harmonization, co-sponsored by the Harmony Project, with the primary goal to come up with recommendations for the harmonization of top-level ontologies and the long-term maintenance of the correlation between such semi-autonomous resources, beginning in particular with the CIDOC CRM and the ABC Harmony Model. Suitable results will be presented on this page in the near future.
    The full report is now available. word file (90 KB), pdf file (190 Kb)

    OntoWeb Project for the Semantic Web:

    The OntoWeb Project is investigating technologies and contents for the Semantic Web related information exchange processes. By the foundation of several SIGs it provides a wide, open international forum for all related activities in this area. The Special Interest Group for Contents Standardization has included the CIDOC CRM in the list of promising standards to support information exchange in the Semantic Web.

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